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If you are keen to crew we can almost always find you someone looking for an extra pair of hands.  Enthusiasm, commitment and a willingness to learn will always make you friends!  JOGgers are a very friendly bunch and are very willing to teach a new recruit. 

If you've never crewed before or you've never raced offshore then you might find our new to racing section a useful resource. If you are an old hand, that's great, swapping sailing stories helps while away those night time watches.

How do I find a boat to crew on?

We recommend posting your request on the JOG Facebook page as your first port of call for the speediest responses from our JOG community, or peruse the opportunities listed in the JOG news feed as we hear of them.

Alternatively please email the secretary, Nick Barlow (secretary@jog.org.uk) with your experience level, preferred position in the crew (if you have one), and your race availability and we will try to connect you with some skippers.

I'm a skipper looking for crew

The same principles apply, first stop peruse the opportunities listed in the JOG news feed.  For short term crew opportunities either email the secretary or try posting on the JOG Facebook page. If you a looking for crew on a broader level and want your request posted in the crew locker please email the secretary, outlining what you are looking for.




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