JOG Committee

JOG is run by a member-elected committee of officers. The Secretary works for the club part-time ensuring racing runs smoothly and is supported by a team of Flag Officers and Committee members.

The President is elected for a term of five years, the Captain and two Vice Captains serve a three year term. The Treasurer and Committee Members are elected at the AGM held every November and also serve a three year term.

Find out about Past Captains & Presidents here.

Meet the current JOG team

 JOG Vice Captain David McGough

JOG President David McGough (Just So, 2013)

Peter Cover JOG

JOG Captain Peter Cover (Raffles, 2016) 


 JOG Secretary, Peter Chartres (to March 2017)


JOG Secretary (from March 2017), Nick Barlow

 JOG Treasurer Jo Chugg  

JOG Treasurer Jo Chugg 

JOG Vice Captain, Jo Farquhar (2016)


 JOG Vice Captain, Dougie Leacy (Cougar, 2016)


JOG Committee, George Beevor (Magic, 2016)


JOG Committee, Pandie Bronsdon (2014)

JOG Committee, Andy Hill (Toot Toot, 2014) 


JOG Committee, Rob Hillman, (Exuberant, 2016)


JOG Committee, Tim Octon (NJOS, 2016)


JOG Committee, Mike Robinson (2015)


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