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New Captain's Log January 2017

Captain’s Log January 2017

Hello fellow JOGers and happy new year!

As I said at the dinner and prize-giving a few weeks ago, I am honoured to become Captain of JOG. With around 30 years competing in JOG, I’m very aware of the history and traditions of this unique club which we must cherish while we look to the future.

Staying with the dinner for a moment, I know I speak for all of us there in saying a big thank you to Dougie, Jo, Peter and Sandie for the excellent organisation and curved balls dealt with as the evening approached. What a night and what a splendid way to thank Peter and Sandie for their extraordinary service to the club over the last 19 years.

Congratulations to all the prize-winners and worthy of special mention are Longue Pierre (David Cooper & Paul England) winning the Imperator Trophy for JOG Yacht of the Year and Joe Simmons (owner of Spectrum, Impala 28) who won Young JOGer of the year. With a crew of fellow Surrey University students, Joe won the Poole Cowes race and got a 4th on the race back.

It’s exciting to be taking on the Captain’s role with change around us, although it’s worth pointing out that David McGough remains President and his sage advice will be as valuable in the future as it has been up to now. We are very fortunate to have a phased handover from Peter Chartres to Nick Barlow who, having just relinquished the Captaincy, is taking up the secretarial role at the end of March. Nick, we couldn’t wish for a better successor. Of course Peter and Sandie will stay engaged and I’m sure all look forward to those inimitable tones on the VHF from time to time.

I’m looking forward to working with the new committee and fresh mugshots are updated on the website http://www.jog.org.uk/JOG_Committee.aspx

Later this month we meet as a new committee for the first time and will be starting to organise JOG Week 2018 – we will communicate outline details as soon as we can. Tim Lester’s point was well made at the AGM, owners and crew need to know early and publicity needs to be thorough.

Meanwhile the 2017 Race Programme has been on the website for some time and one aim this year is to fund a social at every offshore. Sponsor names will be added to the programme when firmed up but there will be some gaps so do let us know if you know an organisation that can help with a modest investment.

We have been concerned about entries offshore especially in Class 6 so spread the word folks! It will be great to attract new competitors and if your boat is Cat 4 compliant for inshore it’s not a big leap to get to Cat 3 for offshore. For liferaft hire, race sponsor Universal Safety is a great source in my experience – JOG discount applies and they deliver and collect. Incidentally we’ve decided to welcome new skippers with new boats offshore with a bottle of bubbly at the race finishes.

JOG’s reputation for competitive racing and great camaraderie should always go hand-in-hand with safety considerations and it’s good to know our race officers take this seriously. The decision to abandon Cherbourg over the Easter weekend last year was widely applauded especially as we went  round-the-island clockwise on the one decent day instead. At the last committee meeting Andy Hill reported back from the Offshore Special Regs meeting he attended and we sign up to these regs (plus JOG prescriptions) when entering – see the 2017 Notice of Race when on the website.

OSR 4.06 Anchors – still two required for Cat 3 unless your yacht under 28ft - wording to follow but anchors must be suitable for the yacht according to the manufacturer’s specification, have sufficient chain and warp and must be available for use in 5 minutes. Changes to safety harness and tethers under OSR 5.02 are to be inserted into 2018 and recommended by RORC in 2017 - all crew to have three point tethers, overload indicators, date of manufacture, compliance with ISO 12401 and 10% spare harnesses on board. ISO standard changes will soon come into effect regarding liferafts but there is no information available at present - anyone considering a new liferaft might wish to contact World Sailing for advice. Personal AIS – this will be a RORC recommendation for 2017 and is likely to be an OSR requirement in 2018.

So the JOG season starts with the Nab Tower race on Saturday 1st April and we may well get another mark to sail round as the dogleg to Winner seemed to go down well last year. Then the two Cherbourg races early on Good Friday 14th April and back on Easter Sunday – two offshores in one weekend, too good. And those lovely folk at Portchantereyne send a nice Christmas email and give JOG discounted berthing!

Just in case you haven’t seen it yet here is the programme.


As I finish this big things are happening in the South Atlantic - Alex ‘the Boss’ Thomson has come back to within 75 miles of Armel ‘the Jackal’ Le Cleac’h with 5300 miles to go. Let’s all will Alex on to a Vendee Globe win!

Here’s to some good sailing and good times in 2017.

Peter Cover

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