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Captain's Log March 2017

Captain’s Log 23rd March 2017

Here we are just a week or so before our first 2017 race round the Nab – Raffles’ crew sorted, we launched on Tuesday so just need to recommission this weekend and we should be good to go assuming the engine fires up of course.

At the new JOG HQ Nick reports 60 entries and there may be more to come. The task of processing all these is not easy with entries by post and email, variations of payment method and entry format. Apparently some entries have been incomplete which complicates things so a plea on behalf of the committee – let’s all get the detail right and give Nick some space while he gets through these and other tasks in the run up to the Nab and Cherbourg. May I also say a big thank you to Theresa for her invaluable help.

We are turning our thoughts to simplifying processes for competitors and the secretariat alike but this may take a little while and needs careful consideration.

The next committee meeting is 6th April and we have a few projects underway including the prize giving party and AGM. Plans are firming up and Jo Farquhar’s team are set to deliver another great evening at a new venue offering even better value – watch for an announcement.

In addition we should be in a position soon to let you know a date and outline for JOG Week 2018. Every 4 years, these are always great events and with plenty of notice we’re hoping for a big entry, good sailing and customary JOG fun.

JOG Facebookers may have already noted this and we’re grateful to Tim Lester for reminding us, MCA telephone numbers have changed since the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre moved to Fareham. New numbers are:

    UK Coastguard point of contact:   +44 (0)344 382 0025

    UK Coastguard medical advice and/or assistance: +44 (0) 344 382 0026

    Last resort call the National Maritime Operations Centre: +44 (0) 2392 552 100

 Wishing us all a good sailing season.

 Peter Cover


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