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2016 AGM Minutes

Minutes of the 66th Annual General Meeting of the Junior Offshore Group held at the Botleigh Grange Hotel, Grange Road, Hedge End, Southampton on Saturday 3rd December 2016.


Present:  David McGough, President (in the chair); Nick Barlow, Captain; Juliet Arkell, Oliver Barlow, Chris Barker, George Beevor, Pandie Bronsdon, Lesley Brooman, Peter Chugg, Fiona Cloke, Ruth Coll, David Cooper, Tim Corner, Peter Cover, John Dallimore, Kirsteen Donaldson, Paul England, Jo Farquhar, David Giddings, Andy Hill, Robert Hillman, Neil & Fiona Holden, Simon Hunt, Don Jones, Dougie Leacy, Tim and Frances Lester, Mary McGough, Will McGough, Tim & Nicky Octon, Richard Palmer, Mark Robinson, Jonathan Rolls, Tom Rolls, Phil Price, Michael Quinton, George Simmons, Tony Short,  Christopher Wade, David Ward, Charles Whittam, Colin Woodruff, Mark Wynter, Jo Chugg, Treasurer, Peter Chartres, Secretary and Sandie Chartres, Assistant Secretary.


Apologies for absence were received from Martin Banfield, Steve Blake, Ed Broadway, Chris Burbidge, Margaret Joy, Kathy Claydon, Lee Egan, Mark Emerson, Jerry Freeman, Jonathan Gardiner, George Gerwitz, Nigel Goodhew, Brian Goulder, Steve and Moira Green, Paul Harding, Richard Hawkes, Tom Hayhoe, Andy Hill, Ed Holton, Paul Jackson, Natalie Joblin, Peter Jones, John Mist, Philip Morgan, Martin Perry, Robin Sermon, Christopher Smith, Edward Smith, Phil Tait, Robin Taunt, Mike Toon, Neil Wood, Brian & Maggie Yeomans.


The President welcomed everyone to the 66th Annual General Meeting. He said that before we come to the main agenda he wished to say a few words. More than any other club JOG is run by the members for the members and is one of the most successful clubs running costal and offshore races.  This AGM marks a significant change for JOG in particular with Peter as Secretary retiring in March after almost 20 years of loyal service to the club. He wished to reflect on this for a few minutes. The President, personally and on behalf of JOG wished to thank Peter and Sandie for their immense contribution to the success of the Club.


When the President first heard the news that Peter was retiring he was concerned that the vacancy would be difficult to fill. Fortunately Nick Barlow has stepped forward and his appointment as the new Secretary was approved by a unanimous vote of the committee and has the President’s full support. There will be a smooth transition between Peter and Nick. 


The President proposed to the AGM that Peter and Sandie become Honorary members, the proposal was agreed unanimously.


The President continued, saying that we also have a change in Flag Officers and Committee. He thanked Nick Barlow in his role as Captain. The club has flourished under Nick’s expert guidance over the past three years and felt he had done an outstanding job. The President thanked all members of the past committee for their hard work and contribution to this successful Club.


He handed over to the Captain. It was agreed that voting on item 5 would now take place.


1.  Minutes of the 65th Annual General Meeting were approved and duly signed.


2.  Honorary Members. The Honorary Members as presented by the Secretary were re-elected. The Secretary reported the sad death of Tony Joy, past Secretary and President of JOG who would be greatly missed.


3.  Treasurer’s Report.  The Honorary Treasurer, Jo Chugg, presented the accounts for the year ending 31st October 2016. Copies of the accounts were circulated to those present. We currently have £40,000 on deposit which allows us to have free banking.  Membership remains steady and the Treasurer wished to thank our Sponsors.  Office communications covers a large amount of office expenditure such as printing, telephone and postage. This year we have reduced our printing and postage costs again by using email as our main communication medium. Finally the Treasurer wished to thank David Langridge for his continued independent examination of our accounts. The Captain thanked the Treasurer for her continued hard work.

4. Captains Report. 

This year has been one where we have had close racing taking place in all types of weather and as we can see from the results it has opened up opportunities for everyone to steal a win.

Whilst the weather has an annoying habit of giving skippers difficult choices our PRO & secretary often has harder choices to make. The phrase “dammed if you do, dammed if you do not” came to mind when Peter rang me to discuss his thoughts regarding the first Cherbourg race of the season. As you know, this race became a round the Isle of Wight race; Fortunately, this was one of Peter’s many decisions that paid off and as a result all who took part enjoyed one of the best races of the season.

In line with the club’s members wishes we have continued with the policy of mixing a different destination in with the usual favourites. This year we decided to race to Roscoff and follow on with some fun races, which were planned to bring boats back towards home shores.

Although the Roscoff race did not attract a large number of competitors, those who took part were made very welcome by the finishing team and the local community. Every competitor commented on how they all thoroughly enjoyed the race, the subsequent follow on events and could we run the event again in the future. I would like to thank Tim Corner for the organisation and help he gave to Peter with the event.

Next year will be a Fastnet year, as such, a great deal of effort has been expended on the 2017 programme ensuring as much time is given to allow competitors to race in the RORC event and still remain competitive in a JOG series. This being the case, I hope that you all be able to join us for next season.

This year JOG has mourned the loss of our friend, Tony Joy. Although Tony will be missed by all of us, we and our successors will continue to enjoy the strong foundations that he created.

I would like to follow on from the things that our president has said regarding Peter’s announcement regarding his retirement. I personally want to thank Peter and Sandie for their wise council during my tenure as your Captain. I am sure that you are all as grateful as I am that Peter and Sandie have stated that they will be on hand to help and advice JOG in the future.

I know that you will all join me in wishing Peter and Sandie a long and happy retirement where they will enjoy ticking off the great list of things that they want to do with their free time.

This is my last season as Captain and I would like to take the opportunity to thank the team who have supported and guided JOG over the last 3 years. The Committee members give a lot of thought to the decisions that drive the programme of events and direction of JOG, it never ceases to amaze me the amount of talent we have in JOG and the willingness of people to give the club free access to those talents.

Finally, I would like to thank Dougie Leacy and Jo Farquhar for organising the Prizegiving Dinner Dance.


5.  Election of Officers. 

Peter Cover was duly elected as Captain.


Jo Farquhar and Dougie Leacy were duly elected as Vice Captains


The following Committee Members were duly elected:


George Beevor, Robert Hillman and Tim Octon


6.  Any Other Business.   


Tim Lester spoke to his previously advised item concerning future JOG Weeks.


 “I strongly support JOG holding occasional JOG Weeks. We have raced J Fever in five of them 2 based on St Peter Port in the early 2000's - Falmouth in 2011 - the Cowes to St Peter Port series in 2014 and this year the Roscoff event.


The formats have varied but we have always thoroughly enjoyed them. I believe it is important that we don't get “stuck in a rut” but adapt the programmes to suit members preferences as we have done in the past. 


One consequence of this is that, unlike say Dartmouth or Ramsgate weeks or the Tours des Ports, we are starting more or less from scratch in terms of publicity each time.  As a result we need to focus considerable effort into this area if we are to achieve decent fleet sizes – say over 30 entries in total.


I believe that we need to start raising awareness of a forthcoming event by the time of the JOG Prizegiving 18 months ahead. At this stage it does not matter if the details are fluid but it starts to lodge an idea in crew minds.


By the time of the Prizegiving in the year before the event we need to be publicising it hard. Some crew members will need to book their holidays before Christmas.


Having hard copy details on every place setting at the Prizegiving will encourage crews to discuss the event at a time when they are quite likely to be discussing plans for the forthcoming season.


We also need to be using the “event” drop down menu on our website at an early stage. There is no need to wait until all the “i”s have been dotted and “t”s crossed.


I feel that we should also seek entries, regardless of whether or not they are JOG members, from local clubs, for example the Royal Cornwall in the case of the Falmouth event.”


Some discussion took place and the points noted for planning of future JOG Weeks.



There being no other business the President closed the meeting at 1820hrs.










Signed......................................................................               Date.........................................

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