Cowes Yarmouth Cowes 2017

Race report from Just So

“ A great couple of races with very tight competition in Class 4: In the end Alaris triumphed over Elaine and the 2 J/109s ourselves and Moontiger with whom our races were particularly close, but they had the edge in the end. Also in the mix was the J/105, Jester, sailed 2-handed.


Nick has obviously taken over and upgraded Peter’s prayer mat as we had two dry and mainly sunny days with a building breeze and the heavy rain and strong winds came overnight on the Saturday whilst we were in our bunks!


Yarmouth Harbour masters did a great job and moored many of us stern-to, thus avoiding all the trampling over other peoples’ boats.


Our thanks to all involved for a great weekend.”

Race Report Raffles Class 6 Cowes Yarmouth Cowes

What a marvelous weekend’s racing with an excellent entry particularly in Class 6 where we mix it with the smaller – and some not so small - boats. It was great to see some new competitors and the return of Moondog after their lay-off.

Whooper is a tough boat to beat and her two wins bear testimony to that – congratulations to them and all the other crews that did better than us (quite a lot on Saturday but a few less on Sunday). Note to self: must sharpen up downwind and downtide starting technique – way off the line in both races!

Our on-board sage and official photographer has produced some snaps showing lots of boats and crews in action. See the two links below. Our Paul has recently been compared to Rick Tomlinson by another crew – oh dear, he’ll be wanting crew uniform and on-board privileges next….

Out https://goo.gl/photos/Q56zcye971TFeye57
Back https://goo.gl/photos/JyejxQYL8BDwP7Wq6

Many thanks to Nick and the race team - looking forward to the JOG Round the Island on bank holiday Saturday.


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