Generation JOG, the youth development effort of the Junior Offshore Group is pleased to announce an introduction to yacht racing 4-day training course for Generation JOG members.

The course will take place from 24th to 27th March and will include two race training days and two days of JOG racing, including the Lonely Tower and Great Escape races.

The course will cover the following:

• What to expect when you go racing
• Safety equipment
• Sail hoists and drops, tacks and gybes
• Mainsail, jib and Asymmetric spinnaker trim
• Helming

The course will be delivered by an experienced Yachtmaster Instructor and racing skipper and is ideally suited to both newcomers to racing and those with some experience.

The course will be based out of Haslar Marina for the training days and Cowes for the race days.

All those taking part in the course must be between the ages of 18-29. and be Generation JOG members.

The training course is an ideal way to:

• Learn new sailing skills
• Meet like-minded people interested in yacht racing
• Meet skippers who will be looking for crew
• Take part in some of the best inshore racing of the JOG calendar

Successful applications will be notified within 2 weeks of application and will be required to pay the £20 fee to confirm their place.

I’m not a Generation JOG member, how do I join?

If you are under 25 you can join Generation JOG for free. If you are 25 or over and under 30 years of age and already a JOG member, you can join Generation JOG by logging into your MyJOG account and pressing the option to join Generation JOG.

Otherwise, if you sign up for JOG membership and are over 25 and under 30 years of age, you will be offered the option to Join Generation JOG.

All information about Generation JOG can be found at:

If you know someone who might like to take part, please feel free to forward this email to them.