JOG Week

JOG Provisional 2021 Programme

Last Updated 07/02/2021 14:59hrs

Note: This programme is provisional and race entry will be open from March 1st 2021. 

The principal destinations are planned to allow for continuing restrictions due to the COVID 19 Pandemic and border and customs issues post Brexit, unresolved at the time of going to press. The *alternative destinations in red will be utilised subject to clarity nearer the dates but will be substituted with at least four weeks notice to competitors.

The mixed programme will include a longer offshore series ISAF Cat 3 requirement and the shorter inshore series ISAF Cat 4, details will be included in the Sailing Instructions.

All scheduled races will be held with due regard to prevailing circumstances and regulations but may be subject to last minute change where that becomes necessary. JOG will endeavour to provide moderated courses and destinations if prudent or mandated by legislation or guidelines.

Please note that first start times may vary, depending on final choice of destination to suit tides, and are given for guidance, particularly where Cross Channel ports are substituted for the UK waters races. Appropriate details will be provided in the Sailing Instructions and Amendments which will be found with the Documents for each race, when published.

(HWP - High Water Portsmouth)

Race No. Date Event 1st Start HWP Series
1 Sat 20th Mar

One Sails GBR South Lonely Tower 

Download Sailing Instructions

09:30 15:40 Inshore
2 Fri 2nd Apr

NJO Sails Sovereign Race 1

(Destination Eastbourne)

Download Sailing Instructions

*Alternative destination Cherbourg

09:30 15:40 Offshore 
3 Sun 4th Apr

NJO Sails  Sovereign Race 2

(Destination Cowes)

Download Sailing Instructions

09:30 17:50 Offshore 
4 Fri 30th April

Salcombe Gin Sopranino Race

(Destination Dartmouth)

18:30 14:35 Offshore 
5 Sat 15th May

Highfield Honda Cowes - Yarmouth

Download Sailing Instructions

09:30 14:40 Inshore
6 Sun 16th May

Highfield Honda Yarmouth - Cowes

Download Sailing Instructions

09:30 15:00 Inshore
7 Sat 29th May

Exposure Lights South Wight

*Alternative destination Deauville Earlier start if used

08:00 14:26 Offshore
8 Sat 5th June

Cowes - Weymouth Race

(Destination Weymouth via Shambles)

07:30 08:50 Inshore
9 Fri 18th June

Osmotech Great West Race

*Alternative destination Alderney

17:30 18:20 Offshore
10 Fri 9th July St Malo entered through RORC   10:10 Offshore
11 Fri 27th Aug

Serversys Channel Race 

*Alternative destination St Peter Port 16:00

19:00 15:40 Offshore
12 Sat 4th Sept

Stoneways Marine Insurance Race 1

(Destination Poole) 

09:30 10:50 Inshore
13 Sun 5th Sept

Stoneways Marine Insurance Race 2

(Destination Cowes) 

10:30 11:30 Inshore
14 Sat 18th Sept

Serversys Great Escape Race 1

(Destination Lymington)

09:00 10:50 Inshore
15 Sun 19th Sept

Serversys Great Escape Race 2

(Destination Cowes)

09:00 11:30 Inshore
16 Sat 25th Sept

The Gill Marine Final Wrap

(Destination Cowes, Poole Bay via St Catherine’s) 

*Alternative destination  Cherbourg  Fri 24th Sept 19:00

09:00 14:59 Offshore

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