Double-Handed Racing

JOG has an active fleet of double-handed boats competing in the 2H class in all inshore and offshore races. We are a friendly and competitive group of double-handed boats with a model such as Sunfast 3600, Arcona, Sigma 36, J109, Sunfast 3200, J105’s and Impala.

Double handed entries race in one of our 3 classes but are scored in a double-handed class both for the race and the overall season results.

Courses are all published well ahead of the race start, so there is plenty of time to plan your navigation before the start. Any course updates are published to our WhatsApp group to make it easier for short-handed boats to keep a track of any amendments if there arise.

JOG has a large Double Handed group who regularly get together at race destinations for social meetups and swop race experiences.

JOG Short Handed Webinar Recording

JOG Short Handed Webinar Recorded Session

Click Here to watch the recording of this Webinar

Topics will include

  • Race Preparation including sail set up, autopilots and boat set up.
  • Safety including safe starts, situational awareness,
  • Spinnakers – Tips and tricks for hoisting, Gybing and dropping.