JOG Committee

JOG is run by a member-elected committee of officers. The Secretary works for the club part-time, ensuring racing runs smoothly and is supported by a team of Flag Officers and Committee members.

The President is elected for a term of five years, the Captain and two Vice Captains serve a three-year term. The Treasurer and Committee Members are elected at the AGM held every November and also serve a three-year term.

Current Committee members:

President Andy Hill

Captain, Stuart Lawrence (SCREAM 2 2017)

Vice Captain, Peter Rutter (QUOKKA 9 2019)

Vice Captain, Kate Cope (Purple Mist 2018)

JOG Secretary, Martin Banfield

Treasurer Richard Palmer ( Jangada 2017)

Committee Will Prest (JAASAP 2021)

Committee, Will McGough, (Just So, 2019)

Committee Mark Brown (Assassin 2019)

Committee Olly Love (Frank³ 2019)

Committee Lulu Wallis (Expressly Forbidden 2021)

Co-opted Ross Perchard (2019)