Generation JOG

Generation JOG – Youth Development and Support

Generation JOG enables new and existing members, under 30, to opt-in and become recognised as a Generation JOG member.

Any boat participating in JOG races with at least one generation JOG member will automatically be enrolled into the “Generation JOG” class for JOG results.

Your Generation JOG badge will be displayed against your profile in the ‘who’s entered’ and miles leaderboards. Your boat’s entry will also have the ‘Generation JOG’ Badge next to it.

Members will be given preferential listings on JOG connect, the JOG crew finder site.

Supported by its sponsors, JOG will award a generous amount of crew clothing and safety equipment throughout the season based on achievements within Generation JOG. Such awards will only be made once per member each season in order that the maximum number of members benefit. These awards will focus both on participation and success.

We will also be holding some open session virtual meetups, with a celebrity sailor or two, just for our Generation JOG members.

Further awards will be presented at the end of season prize-giving to attending members.

How do I Join Generation JOG?

If you are not an existing member and under 25, your first 18 months crew/social membership will be free of charge.

If your over 25 and under 30 years of age, you can join JOG and then opt into Generation JOG.

If you are not currently a JOG member, Register or Sign into your account at Once you have completed your details, navigate to My Details and you will see the option to Join Generation JOG. 

If your under 25, you will need to provide a valid payment card for your subscription but nothing will be charged for 18 months and you can cancel your subscription at any time within this period.


What is the Generation JOG Fund?

This is a fund managed by the JOG committee to support activities to promote sailing within JOG for Generation JOG members under 30. The fund is also used to recruit new members.

The fund’s scope is to cover prizes, clothing, and initiatives like boat charter and race training to build race confidence prior to members promoting themselves to become regular crew on boats within our sailing fleet.

How can I contribute toward the fund?

Contributions are very much welcome, you can choose to make your contribution public or anonymously, these can be from individuals or organisations.


"Using the JOG boat/crew finder, I have managed to find places on competitive boats within JOG. As a Generation JOG member, it was great to be awarded Henri Lloyd kit after my first Generation JOG win, having such support has really made my progression into competitive keel boat racing easy. A great incentive to help young sailors get into the sport. Looking forward to the upcoming races this season! "
Emma Gardner
Generation JOG Member
“The Generation JOG programme has been a great help to me moving up from dingy racing to keel boat racing. After I joined, I immediately advertising myself on the crew finder as a Generation JOG member and within two weeks I was learning how to do the bow and now I’m a regular part of the race crew building up my sailing CV with 133 miles already under my belt. “
Oliver Jenkins
Generation JOG Member
“This weekend has given us a lifetime memory and supported us to hone our skills immensely! It was extraordinary to be part of a crew of lots of likeminded, easygoing at the same time reliable people who are excellent team players, keen to thrive but never on the cost of anyone’s safety. The knowledge I gained supported me to achieve my next goal and I became a day skipper last month, furthermore, successfully passed the yachtmaster theory course. “
Klara Stark
Generation JOG Member