Guidance for Racing to and from the United Kingdom

It is the owners/person in charge’s responsibility to ensure that the correct procedures are followed. JOG take no responsibility for the accuracy of this information and only offer it as a guide. Requirements change often and this should not be a substitute for official information.

The following papers are required to be carried on board:

Registration document

Evidence of Competence. (E.g. ICC)

Ship Radio LicenceAuthority to Operate Maritime Radio
Insurance documents (requirements vary by country and may be required in the language of the country you are visiting) 
Evidence of eligibility for relief from VAT and import duty (to facilitate your return to the UK) 

More details can be found on the RYA website.

You should check that all crew have passports that meet the following two requirements:

They should be less than 10 years old on the day you enter (check the ‘date of issue’)

They should be valid for at least 3 months after the day you plan to leave (check the ‘expiry date’)

Non UK citizen may have additional visa requirements.

GHIC (or EHIC) and insurance cover for medical care abroad and repatriation to the UK. You can apply for a GHIC here

The British government still advises you to take out travel insurance that includes healthcare. The GHIC will not cover you for private medical healthcare or other costs, such as repatriation.

The requirements for fully vaccinated people travelling between the UK and France are as follows:

• A PCR test prior to travelling is no longer required.

• Since 1st February 2022 travellers are required to show proof that they have had their booster jab to be regarded as fully vaccinated when entering France.

• For fully vaccinated travellers, there is no requirement to self-isolate or to complete the online “passenger eOS” digital platform.

• A sworn statement is required confirming the absence of Covid symptoms and any contact with a confirmed case of Covid within the past 14 days. This maybe completed at the port of entry.

Travellers that are not fully vaccinated are required to undertake the following:

• Unvaccinated travellers are required to provide proof of a negative PCR test carried out within the past 72hrs.

• For unvaccinated travellers, travel from the United Kingdom is authorized subject to being able to justify an overriding reason valid for “red” countries

• Unvaccinated travellers from the United Kingdom must register, before their departure, on the digital passenger eOS platform. They must observe a strict quarantine period of 10 days.

As of February 2022 there are no Covid 19 restrictions or checks. 

The government recommend a test but it is not mandated.

Alderney Government Update

Guernsey Government Update

You should not fly the Q flag unless you have something to declare.

French Immigration requirements are changing. Currently, Le Havre have a new on-line form for completion which will allow UK boats to proceed direct to any Le Havre local port under their local jurisdiction. Download form here

This does not yet extend to other major ports, such as Cherbourg, but is being progressively rolled out. 

See the section at the bottom for Guidance specifically for Cherbourg & Deauville.

Note, this advice is the same for passages to France or the Channel Islands as your will be leaving UK territorial waters in order to reach one of the Channel Islands.

Full requirements can be found here, see the summary below:

You are required to Report when departing the UK.

Use this form to declare pleasure craft on voyages leaving or arriving in the UK. You can use either of these:

Post the completed c1331 form to:

United Kingdom Border Force
Yacht Reports
Freight Clearance Centre
Lord Warden Square
Western Docks
CT17 9DN

Note the UN LOCODE for UK is GB and France is FR.

You must fly the yellow ‘Q’ flag as soon as you enter UK waters (the 12 mile limit).

Do not take down the flag until you have finished reporting to the customs authorities. If you do not comply you will be liable to a penalty.

You must not lower your “Q” flag, land goods or persons or transfer them to another vessel until a customs official says you may do so.

When arriving from outside the UK you must notify the National Yachtline by calling them on +44(0)3001232012 .

You will be asked to complete the same form, including the declaration, and submit it via email using the buttons on the “Declaration & Submission” tab. We recommend saving the form to save you re-entering much the same information.

All non-UK Passport holders that do not have existing permission to enter, remain, or have the right of entry to the UK, must call their local Border Force Office in order to be granted permission to enter. They should call the relevant Border Force number before disembarking from the vessel.

– Portsmouth Border Force Office: 07557 205 925

– Southampton Border Force Office: 07810 851 199

If there are any delays to your departure, or if any details on the notification change, you should contact Border Force by writing to the address where you sent the original C1331. You should also inform the Border Force of abandoned voyages by endorsing part 2 of the C1331 with the words ‘voyage abandoned’ and then forward to the address you used for part 1.

Cherbourg immigration require a form to be completed (One per boat).  Whilst it suggests you can email this form, our experience is that they will make you submit it in person with your crew at the immigration office.

Download Cherbourg Immigration Form

Where we haven’t organised a specific time for customs to visit the marina, individuals on arrival and departure should report to the immigration office, a 20 minute walk from the marina. You will require your passport to be stamped in and out.

See Below for directions to the Cherbourg Immigrations office.

  You know you are there when you see this….

You should enter the harbour with your Q Flag displayed. The harbour master will meet you and give you an arrivals form to complete and instruct you when to remove your Q Flag.

Note: You are still required to follow the guidance for departing and arriving in the UK when leaving and arriving at your home port as your journey is considered to have left the UK, Alderney is not part of the UK but an independent British Crown Protectorate. The UN LOCODE code for Alderney is GGY (Required on the C1331 form)

Each skipper will be required to complete a simplified form prior to racing and submit this to [email protected]

Your name and address in box 1
Your Boat name in 2 a)

Date, Your name and your signature in box 6

Download Here

Skippers or persons in charge should collect from each crew member, one of the below Covid 19 Documents and send ALL of these together to  [email protected], clearly identifying your boat name.


Full vaccination certificate
Or  PCR test < 72 hours
Or antigenic test < 48 hours
Or certificate of COVID recovery

Crew and skippers should complete their passport information online in MyJOG under MyAccount, Travel Document.

JOG will submit this information to the authorities on your behalf and crew are not expected to have to visit an immigrations office on arrival or departure.

The UN LOC CODE for Deauville is FR DOL. (Used on the C1331 form)

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