After seemingly endless months of the winter and Covid uncertainty, JOG finally got off to a brilliant season opener with the One Sails Lonely Tower race followed by the Easter Sunday Great Escape Inshore Challenge. JOG led the way with by far the largest Solent races since last year and the first large race post the latest lockdown, with near 80 boats on Good Friday, whilst complying with the continuing Pandemic guidelines. And what events! Great racing, great weather and a great turnout. It is certain that all our competitors enjoyed themselves and it goes without saying that we are doing our utmost to provide the best experience we can. JOG has a Committee and Flag Officers that strive for perfection but settle for excellence and, as Captain, I thank them for their endeavours. Our new members area and website is the result of immeasurable hours of work and the foreshortened launch resulted in a couple of glitches but a much simplified and improved experience with incredible live results for everyone to see them rolling in. By the way, we have had incredible support from the hidden, but essential, nameless background developers who have burnt the midnight oil to get it all up and running. However, the bottom line is that we provide friendly, economic and exciting racing for some of the best sailors around and it’s all down to our members. Long may JOG prosper and our thanks to our sponsors for helping to make it happen. If you have any doubts, look at our, ever improving, members benefits to see how you can get the best from a very modest membership subscription.

In light of the latest government announcement on free covid lateral tests for all, we are continually reviewing our crew number limits for our next set of races and may provide updated guidance on this in the near future.

Please have a look at our upcoming programme and get your entries in. The season may still be limited by restrictions and problems but we will continue to provide the best racing we can achieve.

We have some destination racing planned and booked if the Roadmap dates will accommodate it and we will keep everyone informed as things continue to evolve and change.

Rick Tomlinson zoomed around the course on Good Friday and there are some really great photos on his website if you want to have a look:

I, for one, can’t wait for the Salcombe Gin, Sopranino race as we start the next May Bank Holiday.

As always if you need anything please just contact us. We are here for our members.

Dougie Leacy, Captain