World Sailing Keel and Rudder Inspections Cat 3

As JOG first announced two years ago, effective from 1st Jan 2022, the World Sailing Offshore Special Regulation 3.02 will be applied to Category 3, Offshore, races only. (Not Category 4, Coastal)

The full rule transcript can be seen here:

The rule requires the following:

Evidence of a structural inspection in accordance with 3.02.2 within 24 months before the start of the race or after a grounding, whichever is the later.

Inspection after Grounding – an appropriately qualified person shall conduct an internal and external inspection after each unintentional grounding.

JOG will require Owners or Persons in Charge to submit a completed Word Sailing ‘Model Form’ or similar, to the standards set out as far as is reasonably practical, with the JOG checklist submission. This inspection and form must be completed by a suitably qualified person as prescribed by World Sailing. A further submission will be needed following any grounding.

Boats failing to comply may, at the Club’s sole discretion, be excluded from racing but failure to provide suitable evidence shall not, by itself, be grounds for protest or redress.

Link to Appendix L World Sailing Model Form (Example)

Link to World Sailing Q&A Sheet

Please note:

We remind all owners that Osmotech, our regular sponsors, have agreed a special discounted inspection. Please refer to “Members Benefits” for details: