TeamO BackTow lifejacket

The TeamO BackTow harness is a revolution in marine harness functionality.  This patented design is the only lifejacket with a moveable harness point. A TeamO lifejacket will keep a sailor face up if they fall overboard whilst clipped on to their vessel. All other lifejacket harnesses will tow the wearer faced down in the water.

The TeamO lifejacket collection spans the full range of adventure safety equipment, from their 3D sculpted Ocean  and Offshore jackets, designed for constant wear while sailing offshore and crossing oceans, to the incredibly small Micro, a jacket that looks almost impossibly tiny, typically for inshore sailing, fishing, motorboating and watersports. TeamO has innovative technology across its range.

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Often imitated but never duplicated the BackTow harness is exclusive to TeamO Marine.